Client Feedback


In my position as Director of Development at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, I have worked with Linda for over a decade and on more than a dozen projects. These have ranged from solicitation letters to brochures to case statements. On some occasions, we have given her a little information and let her run with it. In other situations, there have been multiple meetings with an array of stakeholders. In every case, Linda has proven herself to an effective partner in the process and has produced very effective documents that produce results. We always view money spend on Linda as money well spent. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to continuing to do so.

– Patrick Shields, Director of Development
University of Michigan Institute for Social Research


Linda has proven to us time and again that her talent, expertise, and professionalism are exceptional. We are continually impressed by Linda’s ability to bring herself into our business and understand exactly what we strive, and need to do. Her genuine and insightful interest in learning about our business really separates her from the rest. We look forward to working with her on future projects.

– Paul Wills,Vice President of Marketing
CEF of Michigan


Linda brings a sophisticated blend of professionalism, creativeness and expertise to the table, which we find is especially important in a writer. We enjoyed partnering with her and hope to continue to do so in the future.

– Ron Zernicke, Dean
University of Michigan School of Kinesiology


I have worked with Linda for a long time because she truly listens and has the unique ability to grasp the message I want to convey. What she delivers is always exactly what I am hoping for and it is succinct, elegant, impactful, and I rarely change a word.

– Kathleen Woodard,Director of Marketing Communications
HighScope Educational Research Foundation


We’ve worked with Linda and Fitzgerald Communications for years. Our clients really appreciate Linda’s ability to grasp their industry and write compelling copy from an insider’s perspective.

– Kathy Roeser, Partner
Wagner Design Associates


For nearly 20 years, the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation has looked to Linda Fitzgerald for copy editing to enhance many of our communications and print publications. Linda knows the Community Foundation and our work inside and out. Because she really listens to all aspects of what we are striving to communicate—tone, image, emotions and message—she offers invaluable advice and guidance in helping us put together communications that are genuine, compelling and resonate with our audiences.

– Suzanne Upton, Communications Coordinator
Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation


Linda brings far more than great writing skills to projects we hire her to work on. She has the ability to ask just the right questions to help focus and clarify the project, and I am always comfortable sending her to meet with anyone at any level in the University.

– Judy Malcolm, Senior Director Executive Communications
Office of University Development, University of Michigan


Linda’s group is first on my list whenever a nonprofit I am working with needs advice on developing a comprehensive communications plan. Not only is Linda an expert wordsmith and talented in traditional arts, her work remains fresh, contemporary and on the edge. She is what I would call a ‘thinking practitioner,’ someone with the highest professional standards who also cares about her clients and their causes.

– Jeanine Delay, President and Co-Founder


No one writes better than Linda Fitzgerald. Even with a glimmer of an idea presented to her, she can produce the most interesting, succinct, clear piece. She’s amazing and what a pleasure it is to turn to her for help with any editorial project. The bonus is that she works quickly…no reminders needed..and she has quickly grasped exactly what is needed. I want to be president of her fan club!

Catherine Arcure, President and Founder
Manhattan Manners and The Protocol Professional – NYC


I love working with Linda. She’s such a great resource to bring to my clients who struggle with creating content and messaging that speaks with a clear and convincing voice.

– Beth Stefani,
The Lariat Group