About Us: How We Work

n a field known for its blue smoke and mirrors, we never lose sight of the fact that the only real magic in this business lies in hard work and original thinking. And we never let ourselves forget that every marketing challenge – and every project – is completely unique.

That’s why we adapt our palette of services accordingly, to deliver exactly the expertise you need.

Looking for a full-service ad agency? We can provide everything from concepts and copy writing – our specialty – to award-winning design, photography, production, and printing. We’re happy to work with your marketing director. Or, if you need outside expertise, we can put you in touch with seasoned professionals skilled in focus groups, strategic planning and brand development. And for signage, trade show booths and other niche projects, we’ll connect you with our network of carefully vetted specialists.

The point is this:  we deliver creative, results-driven marketing solutions. And we do it by keeping our focus where it belongs. On you.


“No one writes better than Linda Fitzgerald. Even with a glimmer of an idea presented to her, she can produce the most interesting, succinct, clear piece. She's amazing and what a pleasure it is to turn to her for help with any editorial project. The bonus is that she works quickly...no reminders needed..and she has quickly grasped exactly what is needed. I want to be president of her fan club!”
— Catherine Arcure, President and Founder Manhattan Manners and The Protocol Professional - NYC